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ACP Vol. 16, No. 4-2012


Optimised communication during induction of anaesthesia
Angela Alms
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Guidelines and recommendations for valve assessment by TOE
Joachim M. Erb
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Cerebral embolism in transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI): Mechanisms and strategies for prevention
Gabor Erdoes, Balthasar Eberle
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Improvement of perioperative right heart assessment with additional cross-sectional transesophageal echocardiography views
Jorge Kasper, Manfred D. Seeberger
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Study of pulmonary function tests in diabetics with COPD or asthma
G. P. Mishra, T.M. Dhamgaye, B.O. Tayade, B. Fuladi Amol, S. Agrawal Amit, D. Mulani Jasmin
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Ecstatic anaesthesia: Ketamine and GHB between medical use and self-experimentation
Robert Teltzrow & Oliver G. Bosch
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New platelet aggregation inhibitors and the role of platelet function measurement
W. Toller
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Short communications

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Early postoperative change of double-lumen to single-lumen tube after thoracoabdominal aortic surgery
R. M. Basciani, G. Erdös, G. Jermann, J. Schmidli, B. Eberle

Procedural sedation with dexmedetomidine for transcatheter aortic valve implantation
R. M. Basciani, G. Erdös, P. Wenaweser, B. Eberle

Remote ischemic preconditioning influences the protein expression of Connexin 43 in the rat heart in vivo
Timo Brandenburger, Andreas Galas, Ragnar Huhn, Benedikt Pannen, Inge Bauer, André Heinen

Active patient warming can reduce postoperative complications after interventional aortic valve replacement
M. Habicher, S. Treskatsch, C. Spies, C. von Heymann, M. Sander

Real-Time 3D TEE – A tool for experts only? A multi-center comparison for mitral valve evaluation
M. D. Hien, M. Grossgasteiger, C. Rosendal, H. Rauch

Highlighting within the cardio-thoracic area the input of palliative care in existential distress situations
Wilhelm Freiherr von Hornstein

Protection against coagulopathy and inflammation during extracorporeal circulation and hypothermia – short-acting P2Y12 blockade as novel pharmacological strategy
S. Krajewski, J. Kurz, B. Neumann, T. O. Greiner, A. Stolz, B. Balkau, K. Peter, H. P. Wendel, K. Unertl, P. Rosenberger, A. Straub

Dynamic indices of mitral valve function using perioperative three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography
G. Burkhard Mackensen, Robert H. Thiele, Karsten Bartels

Volatile Sedatives provide spontaneous breathing in children following congenital heart surgery
Christoph Menzel, Frank Eifinger, Uwe Trieschmann

Mitral valve replacement (valve in ring/valve in valve) in re-do mitral surgery using transapical access: Initial experience
C. Mukherjee, J. Banusch, D. Holzhey, A. Linke, J. Ender

Safety of thoracic peridural anesthesia in adult cardiac surgery – Results of a retrospective analysis of 2398 patients
D. Petrova, T. Usichenko, R. Friedl, K. Meissner, B. Müllejans

Growth differentiation factor 15 versus soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase 1 and human placental growth factor: New “troponins” for cardiac surgery-associated acute kidney injury?
Jan Runte, Anna Beilharz, Nicola Gatz, Daniel Holz, Michael Petersen, Hauke Paarmann, Julika Schön, Matthias Heringlake

Preoperative treatment with levosimendan ameliorates cardiac-surgery associated acute kidney injury and high-risk cardiac surgical patients – A matched pairs analysis
Jan Runte, Maria Kleinebrahm, Yvonne Novak, Maria Schubert, Julika Schön, Michael Petersen, Hauke Paarmann, Matthias Heringlake

Intraoperative cerebral tissue oxygenation and postoperative cognitive dysfunction after on- and off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery – a randomized study
T. W. L. Scheeren, A. E. van Harten, W. F. Kok, A. R. Absalom

Inhibition of inflammatory events during extracorporeal circulation: Anti-inflammatory effects of the volatile anesthetic sevoflurane
Eckhard Schmid, Stefanie Krajewski, Daniel Bachmann, Julia Kurz, Hans Peter Wendel, Peter Rosenberger, Beverley Balkau, Karlheinz Peter, Klaus Unertl, Andreas Straub

The use of venoarterial ECMO as a “Bridging to recovery” method for patients with postcardiotomy low cardiac output syndrome in a community hospital
F. Steinau, M. Köhler, A. A. Peivandi, M. Tryba

Hemodynamic monitoring via hTEE®? – Case reports
S. Treskatsch, M. Habicher, J. P. Braun, C. Spies, M. Sander

High ACT levels after CPB in paediatric heart surgery do not indicate remaining heparin in paediatric patients
H.-G. Wolf, H.-J. Hertfelder, B. Asfour, V. Hraska, J. Oldenburg, E. Schindler

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