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ACP Vol. 15, No. 3-2011


Effects of clonidine premedication on hemodynamic changes during laparoscopic
cholecystectomy – A randomized control study
M. M. Chandrashekaraiah, M. Upadya, S. P. Jayachandran, M. Wali
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25th Autumn Meeting of the „Scientific Working Group in Cardiac Anaesthesia“, 2011, Fulda, Germany

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Successful ECMO treatment of acute cardio-respiratory failure due to shunt thrombosis after Norwood I procedure
C. Benk, J. Kiss, R. Klemm, J. Grohmann, C. Schlensak, F. Beyersdorf

Life Box experience with portable ECMO
F. Born, C. Starck, T. Dreizler, C. Lipps, M. Behrens, A. Lichtenberg

Anesthesia in the Middle East
R. Darsow

Modern anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents – Hope or dispair
H. Gomboth

Experimental short- and long-term cardioprotective effects of xenon
M. Hein

Perioperative management and monitoring of the lung
H. Heinze

Anesthesia related neurotoxicity in infants
B. Jungwirth

A simple method to assess the cardiac output of the native heart during the weaning phase from the heart lung machine
K. Klak, D. Buchwald, J. Strauch

Guidelines SCA/STS blood conservation
S. Lison

„Minimal invasive“ valve procedures
N. P. Mayr, P. Tassani

Cricoid pressure during rapid sequence induction: Effective measure or ritual?
H.-J. Priebe

Mechanical ventilation and organ dysfunction
D. Reis Miranda

The new 2010 ERC resuscitation guidelines – Relevance for cardiac surgery patients
J. Runte, J. Schön, A. Frank, F. Hackmann, H. Paarmann, M. Heringlake

Perioperative anticoagulation and antithrombotic therapy – An interdisciplinary controversy: The cardiologist’s point of view
H. Thiele

Acidosis: How to prevent bleeding?
R. Zander

Adequate ventilation in hypothermic patients
R. Zander


Postoperative effect of different lung protective strategies in patients during and after cardiopulmonary bypass – A systematic review and meta-analysis
T. Artmann, M. D. Lance, J.-U. Schreiber, J. Jokinen, I. Aleksic, P. Kranke

Sevoflurane-induced preconditioning in the isolated heart is abolished in Ecto-5’-nucleotidase- and A2B-adenosine receptor knockout mice
M. Damm, A. Hübler, L. Knels, J. Weichsel, A. Deussen, T. Koch, S. N. Stehr

Measurements based on 3D full volume data set are as accurate as in multiple 2D TOE standard views
S. Eibel, A. Ender, E. Hasheminejad, S. Probst, C. Mukherjee, J. Ender

Visualisation of the circumflex artery using Real Time 3 D transoesophageal echocardiography in patients undergoing surgical mitral valve repair
S. Eibel, E. Hasheminejad, C. Mukherjee, M. Feussner, J. Ender

Individual differences of perioperative granulocytes and monocytes release in patients undergoing cardiac surgery with extracorporeal circulation
G. Erdoes, B. Eberle, M. Balmer, E. Slack, M. Schiff, F. Stüber, M. Book

Cerebral embolic load during transcatheter aortic valve implantation
G. Erdoes, R. M. Basciani, C. Huber, S. Trachsel, P. Wenaweser, S. Windecker, T. P. Carrel, B. Eberle

Increased Gq expression is associated with myocardial injury and survival after coronary artery bypass surgery
U. H. Frey, M. Adamzik, E. Kottenberg, M. Kamler, W. Siffert, J. Peters

miR-133a but not of miR-1 expression is associated with signs of heart failure in patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery
U. H. Frey, N. Danowski, I. Manthey, H. G. Jakob, W. Siffert, J. Peters

An association between duration of cardiopulmonary bypass and increased biomarkers of acute kidney injury in patients without postoperative renal dysfunction
M. Heringlake, A. Beilharz, N. Gatz, D. Holz, J. Schön, A. Frank, H. Paarmann, T. Hanke

Aggravated myocardial damage in mice deficient for the lectin-like domain of thrombomodulin is mediated by HMGB1 through TLR2
C. Herzog, A. Lorenz, H.-J. Gillmann, J. Larmann, T. Harendza, F. Echtermeyer, M. Schmitz, J. Stypmann, M. Damm, K. C. Wollert, E. Conway, G. Theilmeier, S. Stehr

Baselineshift of the Nyquist limit improves correlation between 2D and Real Time 3-D transoesophageal echocardiography for graduation of mitral valve regurgitation
H. Heß, S. Eibel, E. Hasheminejad, C. Mukherjee, S. Probst, J. Ender

Mortality in female rats after deep hypothermic circulatory arrest
K. Kellermann, L. Gordan, M. Blobner, E. F. Kochs, B. Jungwirth

Intrathecal morphine is superior to intravenous PCA in patients undergoing minimally invasive cardiac surgery
E. Koch, C. Mukherjee, M. Scholz, J. Banusch, J. Ender

Soluble guanylate cyclase stimulator BAY 41-8543 reduces pulmonary vascular resistance and increases cardiac output when inhaled or administered intravenously in porcine endotoxemic shock
N. Kronas, B. Peters, A. E. Goetz, J. C. Kubitz

Low arterial compliance determined by applanation tonometry is not associated with postoperative morbidity and high-dependency unit stay in cardiac surgery patients – An observational pilot trial
J. Luetkens, N. Gatz, A. Beilharz, D. Holz, J. Schön, T. Hanke, H. Paarmann, M. Heringlake

Sevoflurane plasma concentration achieved with the constant application through the ventilator and the oxygenator membrane
R. Nitzschke, J. Wilgusch, D. Reuter, A. E. Goetz, M. Göpfert

BIS triggered Sevoflurane dosage during cardiac surgery and heart lung machine circulation
R. Nitzschke, J. Wilgusch, D. Reuter, A. E. Goetz, M. Göpfert

Stroke volume determination using transcardiopulmonary thermodilution and arterial pulse contour analysis in severe aortic valve disease
M. Petzoldt, C. Riedel, J. Bräunig, M. S. Göpfert, S. Baldus, A. E. Goetz, D. A. Reuter

Continues cardiac output monitoring (CCO): Response time and detection rate of monitors based on arterial pulse contour analysis
M. Petzoldt, C. Riedel, J. Bräunig, M. S. Göpfert, S. Baldus, A. E. Goetz, D. A. Reuter

Influence of Bairhugger 750 and Allon patient warming systems on core temperature and extubation times in patients undergoing offpump cardiac surgical interventions
S. Probst, B. Osterburg, S. Eibel, C. Mukherjee, J. Ender

eNOS mediates the first window of desflurane-induced preconditioning against myocardial infarction, whereas iNOS mediated the second window 
A. Redel, J. Stumpner, T. Smul, F. Kehl

Case report series: Anaesthesiological management of four patients with left-ventricular assist device (LVAD) and non-cardiac surgery procedures
J. Runte, F. Bischof, M. Hadlak, J. Schön, K. U. Berger, F. Hackmann, H. Heinze

Feasibility and hemodynamic effects of xenon anesthesia compared to sevoflurane anesthesia in cardiac surgical patients – A randomized controlled pilot study
C. Stoppe, A. V. Fahlenkamp, S. Rex, G. Schälte, R. Rossaint, M. Coburn

Activation and nuclear translocation of transcription factor STAT3 mediate the second window of desflurane-induced preconditioning against myocardial infarction
J. Stumpner, T. Tischer-Zeitz, A. Redel, M. Lange, N. Roewer, T. Smul

ß-adrenoceptor expression in an experimental model of cardiac insufficiency induced by aortocaval infrarenal shunt
S. Treskatsch, A. Feldheiser, A. Rosin, M. Shakibaei, S. A. Mousa, M. Schäfer, C. Spies

Activation of cardiac delta opioid system during progression of congestive heart failure
S. Treskatsch, A. Feldheiser, M. Shaqura, M. Shakibaei, C. Spies, S. A. Mousa, M. Schäfer

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