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ACP Vol. 17, No. 2-2013

EACTA 2013

The 28th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiologists
Barcelona, Spain
June 6th – 8th, 2013

Edited by
Bodil Steen Rasmussen (Denmark)
John Manners (United Kingdom)

EACTA 2013 Abstract Committee:
Guillermina Fita (Spain)
Pilar Paniagua Iglesias (Spain)
Wulf Dietrich (Germany)
Jouko Jalonen (Finland)
Romuald Lango (Poland)
Vladimir Lomivorotov (Russia)
David Charles Smith (UK)
Alain Vuylsteke (UK)
Harry van Wezel (Canada)
Bodil Steen Rasmussen (Denmark), Chairman

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Lecture Abstracts

Opening Lecture
Current technological and non-technological trends in cardiovascular fields
Valentin Fuster

Security concepts: From the aeronautic technology to the operating room: Does new technologies help anaesthesiologists to manage critical situations?
Carsten Wachter

When the numbers are wrong – Pitfalls and challenges in monitoring!
Erik Jensen

Does technology make us risk averse or risk aware?
John Kneeshaw

Wireless anaesthetic data management
Andy Pybus

Cerebral Oximetry: Better monitoring, improved patient outcomes,
both or neither?
Hilary P. Grocott

Monitoring with Point-of-Care Hemostasis Testing. Does it affect Outcome?
In Which patients?
Linda Shore-Lesserson

Transcatheter AVR – Does this technology have merit and in whom? An anesthesiologist’s perspective
Jack Shanewise

What should a ‘cardiac’ anaesthesiologist teach a ‘thoracic’ anaesthesiologist?
Patrick Wouters

What should a ‘thoracic’ anesthesiologist teach a ‘cardiac’ anesthesiologist?
Peter Slinger

Fibrinogen: Necessary in cardiovascular surgery? Pro position
Sibylle Kozek

Fibrinogen: Necessary in cardiovascular surgery? Con position
Wulf Dietrich

Biomarkers in preoperative risk assessment and optimization
in vascular surgery
Miodrag Filipovic

Perioperative myocardial ischemia: diagnosis, prognostic significance and therapeutic strategies in vascular surgery
Pablo Alonso, Pilar Paniagua, Philip J. Devereaux

Neurological monitoring during vascular sugery
Hans Knotzer

Indication, contraindication and controversies for endovascular aortic replacement in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and Thoracoabdominal Aneurysm
Manfred Gschwendtner

Management of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms
Janet T Powell

Anaesthetic and postoperative management in endovascular aortic replacement
Simon Howell

Preoperative optimization of anemia improves outcome?
Hans Gombotz

The bleeding patient
Marcel Levi

Impact of the age of red blood cells and the outcome after cardiac surgery
Christian von Heymann

New antiplatelets. A problem in cardiac surgery?
Jose Mateo

New oral anticoagulants in cardiac surgery – management of coagulation and haemostasis
Wulf Dietrich

Alternatives to Heparin during Cardiopulmonary Bypass and in the Intensive Care Unit
Dave Royston

Only cardiothoracic anaesthetists can be good cardiothoracic intensivists
Sven-Erik Ricksten

Any intensivist can be a good cardiothoracic intensivist
Andy Rhodes

Total circulatory arrest. What is new?
Pascal Colson

Difffcult weaning from CPB: something different since 2000?
Olivier Bastien

Pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular failure: new tools for an old problem?
Didier Payen

Lung Ultrasound: enough evidence to support its routine use in anaesthesia and critical care medicine?
Fabio Guarracino

Myocardial deformation imaging: a major step forward or just a waste of time? Current status.
Patrick Wouters

Will 3D/4D become the mainstay soon: clinical evidence for its incremental value?
G. Burkhard Mackensen

Are new technologies improving heart failure? ECMO is best
Alain Combes

Are new technologies improving heart failure? VAD is best
Michael Sander

Goal directed Monitoring in cardiotho-racic and vascular intensive care
Christof K. Hofer

Echocardiography in cardiothoracic intensive care: just a new tool?
Isabelle Michaux

ECMO in organ failure: a step too far?
Alain Vuylsteke

Restricted Therapy is best
Peter Slinger

Free fluid therapy is best. Liberal or restricted fluid administration: Are we ready for a proposal of a restricted approch?
Della Rocca G, Tripi G, Pompei L

Lung Recruitment in Thoracic Surgery, is necessary? Pro position
Ma Carmen Unzueta

Lung Recriutment in Thoracic Surgery. Con position
Peter Slinger

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in One Lung Ventilation, are really useful? Pro position
Della Rocca G

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in One Lung Ventilation, are really useful? Con position
Bela Fulesdi, Tamas Vegh

Double-lumen tubes (DLTs) are obso-lete, the future is bronchial blocker
Edmond Cohen

DLTs are still the best for lung separation
Joseph Marc Licker

Left-sided DLTs for everyone
Mert Senturk

Right-sided DLTs for left pulmonary resections
Laszlo L. Szegedi

Optimalisation of ventilation using a new impedance tomography monitor
Laszlo Szegedi

Usefulness of extracorporeal support systems during thoracic surgery
Mert Senturk

Volumetric capnography for monitoring and predicting the effect of PEEP on oxygenation during one-lung ventilation
Tamas Vegh

Basic mechanisms of acute lung injury
Masao Takata

Ischemia-reperfusion injury in lung transplantation
Nandor Marczin

Perioperative lung injuries
Marc Licker

Current strategies for ICU management of ALI
Javier Belda

The effects of steroids on cerebral outcomes after cardiac surgery
Diederik van Dijk, Thomas H. Ottens, Jan M Dieleman

Off-pump valvular procedures. New technique or new fashion?
Joerg Ender

Minimal Access cardiac surgery: The future?
Daniel Pereda

EACTA Thoracic Subcommittee European survey on “One lung intubation”
G. Della Rocca, M. Senturk, L. L. Szegedi

Optimizing the patients for cardiac surgery: Any evidence?
Manfred D. Seeberger

Diastolic heart failure in anaesthesia and critical care
Fabio Guarracino

Mediastinitis after heart surgery: could we achieve a better outcome?
Emilio Bouza

Prompt brain death diagnosis in the potential donor. Implications for cardiothoracic organ function
Rafael Badenes

The Organ Care System Lung: A new and expected tool?
F. Javier Moradiellos

Optimal Ventilation in postoperative lung transplant
Javier Garcia

Twenty years’ leap in perfusion education in Europe
Jan-Ola Wistbacka

Experience in multidisciplinary simu-lation training in perfusion incidents
Frank Merkle

Multidisciplinary combat against perfusion complications – guidelines, communication or checklists?
Alexander Wahba

Coagulation and anticoagulation in paediatric cardiac patients
Philippe Pouard

Ethical issues around research in paediatric cardiac surgery
Paul Baines

Cerebral oximetry in paediatric cardiac surgery; tool or fashion?
Tim Murphy

Levosimendan in paediatric cardiac surgery; better outcome?
Rosario Nuno Sanz

Acute renal failure in paediatric cardiac surgery; recent developments
Mirela Bojan

Anaesthetic management and outcomes of Hybrid Procedures at the Cardiovascular Institute of the Fuwai Hospital
Weipeng Wang, Hui Xiong, Lihuan Li, Shengshou Hu

Anaesthetic Management of Adult Congenital Heart Disease
MIinoru Nomura, Shihoko Iwata, Yusuke Seino, & Kenji Doi

Invited Lecture

Better organ protection, is anaesthesia enough?
Peter Sackey

Postoperative atrial fibrillation; anything new?
Alberto Hernandez

Delirium after cardiac surgery
Luis Suarez Gonzalo

Pharmacoeconomics of Transfusion
Axel Hofmann

An evidence-based approach to sup-port the routine use of ultrasound for vascular access
Erik Sloth

Perioperative renal protection strategies in cardiac surgery
Marc Vives

New role for colloids and crystalloids?
Marco Ranucci

When should the anaesthesiologist say NO?
Michael Hiesmayr

Low flow during ECC: Still good?
Jouko Jalonen

Perioperative pain therapy: new concepts
Anna Flo

Thoracic Problem Based Learned Discussions (PBLDs)

Mediastinal mass in the pregnant patient
Ma Jose Jimenez

Tracheal dehiscence – management
Laszlo Szegedi

The patient with severe heart disease requiring OLV for non cardiac surgery
Irene Rovira

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