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Induction therapy in heart transplantation

Hans Lehmkuhl, Michael Dandel, Nicola Hiemann, Christoph Knosalla, Miralem Pasic, Michael Huebler, Onnen Grauhan, Roland Hetzer
Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin, Germany
[Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology 15: 241-244, 2011]


Survival after heart transplantation (HTx) has improved considerably over the past 20 years. Half of all patients now live more than 13 years, and approximately more than 25% live more than 20 years. The long-term results of cardiac transplantation have continued to improve due to improved peri-operative care and immunosuppression regimens. The risk for acute rejection is highest early after HTx and therefore many transplant centers use a strategy of peri-operative induction therapy in order to provide a rapid and effective protection against acute allograft rejection (1,2).

Key words: heart transplantation, immunosuppression, induction therapy

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Hans Lehmkuhl, MD, PhD
Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin
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